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Foresight Studios acts as a compass for the future of technology and business, uncovering the changes in all aspects of our lives, and the role that advanced technologies are playing in creating, and addressing, new needs. This first issue of Foresight Studios Magazine draws on the knowledge of NTT Group’s R&D division, NTT DATA’s innovation and co-creation with clients, and insights from industry experts, and looks at what has put us on the road to a smart, hyper-connected future.

By Tom Winstanley, CTO & Head of New Ventures NTT DATA UK

Smart Future

We’re looking ahead through the lens of technology-enabled progress, unearthing the trends, shifts and changing values that have put us on the road to a smart, hyperconnected and socially progressive future. A future where everything and everyone is connected, where technology is not only a great enabler, but a great equalizer.

New World

By understanding the implications of shifting social needs and values, we’re able to predict – and plan for – the next trends on the horizon.


Together Not Against: Why Collaboration Between People and Technology is the Solution to an Unpredictable World

Many leaders believe that with enough data and the right technology, the future can be impeccably predicted and planned. But the complexity of our current environment means that the window of accurate prediction is only around 150 days. Margaret Heffernan shares why imagination, creativity and human adaptability are mission-critical skills.

By Margaret Heffernan, Author of Unchartered: How to Map the Future Together

Sustainable Tech

A sustainable future requires new paradigms, new technologies and new platforms.


Find Out in Five: The Impact of Software on Sustainability

What role can software play in striving towards a sustainable future and climate change? Green engineering involves the application of green software, which emits the least greenhouse gasses possible in everyday operations. Gadhu Sundaram, Vice President of Innovation at NTT DATA, addresses how the Green Software Coalition makes organizations accountable for implementing this software as part of their infrastructure to tackle the pace of climate change.

By Gadhu Sundaram, Vice President, Application Services, NTT DATA UK


Downturn and Decentralization: The Platform Economy’s Moment of Reckoning

The 2020s has signaled a significant shift in market forces and regulatory dynamics, such as the rise of Web3 and digital public goods providing an alternative to the centralized platforms that have dominated the past decade. Firms that recognise the rise of platforms, and their importance in shaping economic activity, will be best positioned to succeed in this new landscape. The widely-published researcher, author, industry keynote speaker and global C-Suite advisor, Sangeet Paul Choudary, explains that whilst it’s here to stay, the future of the platform economy looks nothing like its past.

By Sangeet Paul Choudary, Author of the bestselling Platform Revolution

Converged spaces

New ways of connecting people allow us to overcome distances, both geographical and social.


Advances in Cardio Medicine with Bio Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual representations of real-world objects or processes, creating powerful simulations for prediction and optimization. Applied to medicine, we’re able to employ digital twin technology to create virtual versions of people’s hearts, offering a groundbreaking way of predicting and treating cardiovascular diseases. Joe Alexander, Distinguished Scientist at NTT Research’s MEI (Medical and Health Informatics) Lab, walks us through the advances being made in bio digital twin technology and how they can fulfill the vision of remedying heart problems before they occur.

By Joe Alexander, Distinguished Scientist, MEI Lab, NTT Research


Go Deep On: Shaping the Next Generation of Human-Computer Interaction

Before technology, basic human connection embodied methods of verbal and non-verbal communication with facial expressions and body language. Now, these fundamental needs of human interaction are leading the development of technology and AI that continue to optimize the world around us. Thomas Nørmark, Global Head of AI and Robotics at NTT DATA Business Solutions explains how empathy encourages innovation in technology without losing sight of the human user.

BY Thomas Nørmark, Head of AI & Robotics, NTT DATA Business Solutions


The Future of Spectatorship: Beyond Reality with NTT’s New Viewing Experience

Originally spurred by the desire to create remote viewing experiences of the Tokyo Olympic Games, NTT’s desire, and perhaps even duty to deliver this was only further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through NTT’s Kirari! technology, highly realistic viewing experiences with ultra-low latency were delivered to remote crowds several hundreds of miles away. This is the future of sports and event viewing, as Vice President & Head of NTT Human Informatics Laboratories Shingo Kinoshita explains.

BY Shingo Kinoshita, Vice President Head of NTT Human Informatics Laboratories

New Ecosystems

R&D and applied innovation allows us to look at multiple horizons at the same time – and inform what we should be doing right now.


How Corporate R&D Makes Innovation Real

Rather than trying to ‘do’ innovation – the first challenge of which is understanding the various ways in which the word is used – leaders should instead test hypotheses through R&D. Mark Masterson, Head of Research & Development at NTT DATA UK, outlines how we better understand the meaning of innovation, its different business contexts, and how we can all generate (and execute) better ideas.

BY Mark Masterson, Head of Research & Development NTT DATA UK


Triple Win: Partnering to Innovate With Impact

Innovating with impact increasingly means creating and delivering new products, services and solutions that reach beyond the boundary of just one organization. This takes open partnerships and collaborative execution, focusing on the Triple Win: the ripple effect that goes a step further than merely mutual benefit for provider and client. Tom Winstanley, CTO & VP New Ventures at NTT DATA UK, walks us through the Triple Win and the diverse benefits of creating partnerships.

BY Tom Winstanley, CTO & Head of New Ventures NTT DATA UK

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